Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Using programs on your photos

This is my original photo.
This is using the HDR technique- ever so lightly HDRed.

This was using -sandstone-though to me, it should be called -grunge-.

This was colored pencil.
The photos above have had various effects done to them using PC3. It is always fun to tinker around with your photo (always use a duplicate not your original). Try out your various effects you can use on your photos and see what you come up with. Some can be really neat.

Holiday Glitter

This was fun to do- do the blur on purpose! I slowed the shutter speed down and moved in the middle of my photo. It turned out really cool.

He looked so jolly. These ornamental yard decorations are put up every year down from our neighborhood and I went to ask if I could take some of their photos. I want to go back in the daylight. They have a cool old tractor :)

This was a lovely door wreath in Madison Ga. I just loved it. The door and wreath were HUGE!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, make it a loving, fun and memorable one. Be kind all year round, take time to see those around you, get to know your neighbor, volunteer in your community, try something new this year, go see a place youve always wanted to go. Life is too short and there is no excuse not to. Get out there and live.

Action shots

These were taken in Madison Ga during 5/8K runs there that weekend.

Its always fun getting to practice some of your shootings and settings on your camera- action being one of those. At times, they can be blurry when you dont want them or no focuses where you wanted focused and you growl! Here are some of the ones I recently took a week or so ago, practicing my action shots. Action! ::Snaps the movie snapper thing::

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Surpassing my goal

This is the Macon Tracks gals (some of them) getting ready for the Reindeer run on 1 Dec 2007 in Macon Georgia
This is me in the black hat, turning my iPod on and heading off for my first official race ever of a 5K distance! I set a goal and hoped to make it close to 40 mins to run the length. Before, I had ran it 45 mins, 43 mins and 41 mins 10 sec.

This is me on the way to the finish line. Kerry (already finished earlier) came to run with me, help spur me on!

I made it! I finished the race and here, Im showing Deborah my time. I was so excited I nearly burst into tears... Time- 38 mins 23 seconds!
I had so much fun running the race and hanging out with the Macon Tracks Running club. Thanks to my husband, Richard, for helping get me there, encourage me and help take photos when I was running. I love you!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 2007

Macon Tracks- can also mean Macon Tracks Running Club. About 15 (give or take a few) people met up at The Loop to do a Thanksgiving morning run. As I was finsihed with my run and waiting others return, I took a photo of these tracks.
The house across the parking area of The Loop was decorated and so cute I had to take a photo of their fence.

This is the O family. Not sure their last names yet but its Kerry, Dave and their two kids. They were on the run today and Dave was so sweet to sacrifice his run and hang with me for the 1.5 miles I went before turning around to finish, making it 3 mile run for me. He went on to catch the others. Thanks for being so sweet Dave.

Sam, Monika (another new runner!) and Mary bringing their run home.

Me huffing and puffing my wayback. I felt tired but I made 3 miles in 42 minutes so I was happy. I saw Richard waiting at the return (or finish line) area and he waved at me. It was so nice seeing him there at my 'goal' stop area. Thanks for coming with me- you're the best honey!

Running sure isnt my ideal thing to do, but it is growing on me. Im proud of me. Go me!

Out with Gary

a welcoming path in the gardens at Henderson Village

A wonderful knotty tree at Henderson Village

Gary making friends

The cotton picker

A cotton plant

I had such fun with my friend, Gary. Wednesday, we went out looking for news and photos. Well, mostly things we can take photos of. We went to Henderson Village in South Ga and took some photos there. It wasnt as pretty as it usually is in the spring but I still got a good many photos from there.

Gary and I also stopped at a farm and took some photos of them getting the cotton in from the fields. They said they can clear 80-90 acres on a good day. Thats a lot of cotton.
It was a good day all around- taking pics and hanging out with my friend. Thanks Gary.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Out and about

Today was cold and extremely windy so I wanted to take some photos that didn't have to deal with the wind moving things. I set my Bee Movie toy from a Happy Meal, into one of my potted plants. He is happy looking and it made me smile.
I recently started jogging. Ugh, I must be nuts! I was taking some photos of my gear and will keep some jogging photos (Of myself, those that are jogging in races and practices with me and so on) on my flickr site. I made a set just for them. I had fun taking pictures of my shoes and I will work on getting more gear photos and actual race day stuff too. Maybe I will take my backpack on my first run (Reindeer Run 5K 1 Dec 2007!) and when I walk parts of it, take photos!

I took Buster with me and we went to the Air Museum today. I wanted to get some photos of the jets and their components. I used Photomatix a tish tash on this one and it came out really nice.

This just made me think of some bug eyed bug or something, made me giggle. I liked the colors in it too.

My wide angle is my favorite lens. It is such fun working the camera for funky angles and effects. The exhausts on this jet looked like huge eyes or some alien being. I used photomatix just a tish on this one as well. The tones and detail really came out nice.

Visiting friends

We just recently went to No. West Arkansas to visit some of our best friends- Robin and Linda. We hadn't seen them in about a year and it was nice to spend time with them again. Pictured here is Robin, Richard (my hubby in the middle) and Linda up front. We were at the Tulsa zoo.
Me jumping on the hotel bed- this was a fun photo!

Sandy playing with her brother, Sponge Bob, in the plastic Coke container. Too funny!

We played a domino game called Mexican Train. Richard cheats!

Robin and Linda while we watched some folks in the Scotty Nguyen poker contest at Cherokee Casino in Tulsa Ok.

I loved this shot. I hate low lighting but I was glad this turned out nice.

Me with Scotty Nguyen! He was such a nice man - thanks for the picture!

I loved the DoF on this shot. Richard enjoying one of his several favorite things- rum.
We had such a great visit and I look forward to the next time we get together! Thanks Robin and Linda, for a good time and lots of fun memories!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Warner Robins Haunted House

This ghoulish gal really looked cool

Sparked with electricity

They really got her- she was screaming!

Ghostly cell phone?

I had such fun at the Haunted House put on by the Fire Dept, AF and Police here in Warner Robins. They had a good turn out every night.

My challenge- more night photography with my little Canon Rebel XTi. I can see that I may need to work on getting an external new flash that can be worked for no red eye. Mine says -no red eye- but it does it anyway. I will have to dig into my manual to see if I can work the low light setting moreso as well, but I did have fun and practicing a hobby I love is always fun.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Today I went to a cemetery in Perry Ga. I wanted to take some photos in a cemetery on Halloween Day. I was hoping some spirits may show themselves but no such luck. I did enjoy walking the grounds with my friend, Gary, and taking photos. It was perfect weather for it too.
These are in the very back of the grounds, resting eternally amoungst themselves.

I love the draping of the spagnum moss on all these trees

When Gary and I were about to head back to my truck, we spotted this little angel and went to take some photos of her. She was covered with touches of moss, mold and all types of age from nature.
I hope everyone has a good Halloween evening. Check the candy, walk with your kids and have fun!

Buster festive for fall

Buster voguing
The wind was rustling the plants and he thought he heard something

He was chilling in the shade while I took pictures

I love this one! Taking photos of your pets can be hard. Buster always wants to come to me when I kneel down or move to get the right shot of him. I adore him and was so glad he -stayed- this time. I wanted to get a nice Fall photo of him and perhaps later use it for a Christmas card.
I enjoyed taking pictures of him, and other things, in our backyard yesterday. Kisses to my little man! Thanks for being so handsome!