Sunday, September 30, 2007

Perry Fair-before the fuss

This was one of my favorites. The ticket booths and the clouds sure made for a cool shot.

I love the neon colors

Hamburgers mmm

Cool machine on one of the rides

I got a chance to hang out with Gary Harmon during the day while the Perry State Fair was being set up. It was getting warm and we plan to go again when more rides and things will be set up but here are some of the fun ones I got while there on the 26th of Sept.

Thanks again Gary for letting me tag along!

Golden Games 2007

The events ran from Wednesday through Saturday in various places in Perry and Warner Robins area mostly. They had running, horseshoes, swimming, biking, and many other events. The contestants ranged from 50 years of age and over. I met some wonderful people (and a lovely Boston Terrier named Izzie) shooting the events and had such fun! I look forward to next year!

Here are some of my favorites I took this week. My most favorite one is Backstroke. The young man doing the backstroke with such emotion and determination on his face. You could -feel- the drive to finish the race, in his face.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

St Joseph Catholic Church Macon Ga

Christy and I went to the church on Tuesday, 18 Sept 2007. We had gone there before but it was packed with peo0ple and this time, empty. We had the whole place to ourselves, minus two or so people coming in to make a quick prayer. The weather was lovely and the sky a perfect deep shade of blue. I took some HDR photos and some regular ones and here are a few of those.

Wonderful temps

The past few days, man- has it been lovely! Its nice being able to have the house opened to the fresh air and cooler temps. The past two weekends, we have taken off for photo spots and fun filled days. We visited Six Flags, a local Classic Car show and then last Sunday- The Atlanta Zoo. The weather on both weekends were perfect and our outing was great. Here are just some of my favorites from the past weekends.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Perry Georgia

Today was a little cloudy and I took off to Perry Ga. I had such fun at Perry Country Club. They were so nice- let me drive around in a golf cart! There were four kind, young gents to let me follow them and take photos. One such man was Andy Snyder. He is 88 years old and goes golfing 4 times a week! He was a charming man and they were so kind to me. I had such fun there today- thanks to all - golfers and staff- at Perry Country club.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Six flags

We went to Six Flags Sunday, Sept 9th, and it couldn't have been a better day to go. The crowd was small, the weather was nice and we had a blast. It gave Christy and I a lot of photo opts and we enjoyed them all. You can see the rest of them on my flickr page under the Six Flags set.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Yesterday, I was out doing some errands and I stopped at Marcus Walker's house. I go by there often since he lives close to me. He and his wife make syrup, jams and he has lots of machines there, a sweet Classic chevy and lots of plants/things to take photos of there. He has this old glass topped gas pump. Id love to get a full length of that one! He has a large plastic container to protect the glass but its amazing.

I spent a good bit of time walking through his property talking about making syrup, different fruits growing on his property and many machines. It was a pleasant visit and I got some really nice photos.

Its always fun stopping at various places both public and ones you find while just driving around. Sometimes, you walk away with more than photos, you walk away with knowledge, history, plants cuttings, and new friendships made. Photography is a good reason to smile at those you just met, get outside your comfort zone, talk about things you have learned or know and give others that rarely get visitors a chance to tell you valueable things from their past.

Take time to say hello to people as you pass them by, lend a hand where able, and remember, it only takes one step to begin a journey to anywhere. Take that step.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Photography has been such fun learning. I've already met some wonderful people and added to my array of photos. I will try to keep some up on this blogger for the tales of my adventures and some of the photos from them.
I also post to Flickr nearly every day. You are welcome to check that out too. Flickr: Photos from vlandyra