Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 2007

Macon Tracks- can also mean Macon Tracks Running Club. About 15 (give or take a few) people met up at The Loop to do a Thanksgiving morning run. As I was finsihed with my run and waiting others return, I took a photo of these tracks.
The house across the parking area of The Loop was decorated and so cute I had to take a photo of their fence.

This is the O family. Not sure their last names yet but its Kerry, Dave and their two kids. They were on the run today and Dave was so sweet to sacrifice his run and hang with me for the 1.5 miles I went before turning around to finish, making it 3 mile run for me. He went on to catch the others. Thanks for being so sweet Dave.

Sam, Monika (another new runner!) and Mary bringing their run home.

Me huffing and puffing my wayback. I felt tired but I made 3 miles in 42 minutes so I was happy. I saw Richard waiting at the return (or finish line) area and he waved at me. It was so nice seeing him there at my 'goal' stop area. Thanks for coming with me- you're the best honey!

Running sure isnt my ideal thing to do, but it is growing on me. Im proud of me. Go me!

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